With this being Columbus Day Weekend and Kindle hidden interactive Pop Ups

Hi Everyone,

With this being

Columbus Day Weekend, I hope you are all able to have some time off and enjoy your family, the weather is supposed to be nice here this weekend, so I am hoping to have an autumn barbecue with my family, tomorrow, like we did the other weekend. I hope you all get out and about tomorrow, it is supposed to be a nice day.

BBTU COVERI have some great fun kindle news for Kids and Parents, I was able to figure out how to include hidden Pop-Ups in my illustrated children’s book “The Big Burp Theory of the Universe” making it a more Fun Interactive Reading experience. I tried it on several Kindle versions and it worked really nice. It even works on my “Kindle for PC” app for Windows 7.

Early, last week I was able to publish the first of my New and Old Testament Search Books on Kindle, and during the week, I  showed them to some of my friends and so far I have had good responses from those who tried it about how easy it is to use on Kindle with the highlight feature by just touching the screen, thank you very much for your help; as a result I decided to publish Book 2 in the series on Kindle, and then Book 3. This way you will have 3 ways to play: In large Print, Paperback, and on your Kindles.

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Joe Wocoski