Which Do You Prefer Mindless or Meaningful Fun?

Here is one of the reasons I create meaningful and fun Bible word search books.

I had a doctor’s appointment the other day, when I had a surprising conversation with another patient. By chance, she had just missed a call from her daughter, and she commented to me that she had to turn off her smartphone because she had become addicted to one of those candy games on it, and she was trying to break the habit of playing it all the time. She said that she wished there was something more meaningful to play.

AC MAtthew BookCoverI asked her “do you like to do word searches? She said she did. So I described my Bible word search books to her and how you find the words in the bible verses. She said she liked the sound of it and asked me where she could buy one? So I gave her one of my cards with the amazon information on it. It was good to see her face light up and she truly seemed very grateful. I hope it helps her.

This is one of the reasons I create meaningful and fun Bible word search books because I got tired of the many mindless games out there that are only bright lights, flashy colors, birds and candy and diamonds only designed to trigger the pleasure center of your brain and not much else. I see so many people wandering around aimlessly staring at their phones playing these games. Steven King even wrote a zombie cell phone novel “Cell” predicting this.

One of the reasons I write my word search books is because I really want to give those who are looking for word search fun some meaningful games. Something with true Biblical meaning instead of just wasting time on the majority of mindless games out there. Doing word searches is fun, but as soon as you add finding the words in Bible verses then you have a real sense of accomplishment. You can find out for yourself with one of the New Testament Word Search Fun! Books That’s it for today have a nice Labor Day weekend and thank you for stopping by today.


Joe Wocoski