Where were you when Leonard Nimoy passed away?

Besides writing my books I actually work for a living at a large corporation, I have a small desk space in a cube farm much like Dilbert. Anyway, I was returning from the coffee shop in the lobby, waiting for elevator to arrive to go back upstairs. There is a large screen monitor in the lobby with CNN on 24/7. When … there was a hush in the crowd of elevator waitees. You could barely hear the Newscaster on CNN repeat the announcement that Leonard Nimoy passed away at 83.

We all felt It! A small spark deep inside went out, and there was complete silence in the lobby for a few seconds until the elevator arrived “Bing”. Then as if on command someone said, “Wow! He was 83.” Then as the elevator doors opened noiselessly, the voices inside could be heard and those talking while exiting the elevator and not knowing of his passing, droned out the rest of the announcement.  We all knew a good man had passed, and hopefully the meaning of his character role of Spock on Star Trek will not be forgotten.

Live Long and Prosper

Joe Wocoski