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What if the Hunters became the hunted?

What if the Hunters became the hunted?

One of my favorite authors is George Orwell, who wrote Animal Farm. Well, someday I hope to be able to write as well as he did. Here is a short story along those same lines. Just think what if all the cute animals finally united against humanity? What if the hunters became the hunted, LoL:

Elmer stepped off the porch of his new hunting lodge and headed toward the reservoir. He noticed a bunny hopping toward his front yard. He thought to himself, “Easy kill.”

By the reservoir, he phoned his brother, “Hi Wilmer can you hear me? Guess what, I built a new hunting lodge in the game preserve. Yeah, that’s right! I said game preserve, the one with all the rabbits, woodchucks, and deer on it. You know! Where they won’t let us hunt. That’s right! Speak up, this connection is all crackly! What did you say?”

Elmer pressed his ear to his cell phone trying to hear his brother over the loud crackling noise. “Oh, how did I buy it? I told them I would take care of all those helpless critters. You know, the bunnies and woodchucks and deer.

“Yeah, that’s right, I plan to take care of those helpless critters all right with my rifles: bang, bang, bang. Now ain’t that funny, ha, ha, ha, ha! I’ll call you back, I can’t hear you over all the static on the line. It sounds just like green pine trees burning and crackling. Talk to you later.”

Elmer hung up, but he still heard the loud crackling static. He turned around and watched his lodge burndown. He did not see the bunny with a butane grill lighter in its mouth, heading toward Elmer’s truck where the woodchuck was waiting with another road flare.

Thae End

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