What an Unbelievable Ending to this Year’s Game!

I thought I would share this exciting football outcome with you, today’s game will go down in history as one of the most unexpected turnarounds in football history.

Click here to see the video highlights at the NFL site

In my opinion, I will always remember what we saw on TV in my living room … the last 3 minutes of this game from when New England scored in the 4th Quarter and the Pats finally pulled ahead. Only to have the Hawks in the last minute of the game charge down the field and throw a long bomb almost to the end zone; after the Hawks player bobbled the ball on his back, he made an unbelievable spectacular catch on the one yard line … We thought it was all over for the Pats. We all expected Seattle to run the ball into the end zone. Instead, for whatever reason they tried a short pass, only to have it picketed off and intercepted.  The Pats went crazy with relief and excitement, but the Pats still had to get out of the end zone or it would be a touchback and the Hawks would get the ball back. Well, the Pats had the ball and were about to hike it, when one of the Hawks players jumped the gun so to speak … the Ref said intruded, meaning went off sides, giving the Pats 5 yards and the chance to end the game with Brady gently kneeling down on one knee on the green grass field instead of in the Blue End Zone. I liked what the player who intercepted the ball very modestly and sheepishly told the interviewer …  “just before the play, I had a vision that I was going to do something great, and the next thing I knew … I had the ball ” what a nice ending to a Super Game!


Joe Wocoski

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