We had a Bit of Excitement the Other Night!

Hi Everyone,

Just like my post from last July, we had a bit of excitement in the neighborhood, for the second time this year. Well, another drunk driver hit the same pole up the road from us, and we had a late night power failure, for about an hour because of it. But this time after shearing the pole in half with his car, which I might add he totaled. He decided to try to escape responsibility by car jacking a neighbor’s car. Fortunately, the police were hot on his tail and he was to drunk to succeed. With all the roads blocked by police cars, about 10 of them in our area, the Police fortunately, finally, found him passed out behind some hedges and took him into custody.

Well with the excitement over, I just want you to know I am still working on this month’s book “Old Testament Word Search Fun! Book 6: Deuteronomy” and that it’s getting closer. Another week or two.


Joe Wocoski