Two Days Left and a Few More Stocking Stuffers

Hi Everyone,

I hope you’re all enjoying this holiday season and have almost finished your Christmas shopping. With Christmas just two days away, there is not much time left. Unless you’re giving gift cards and waiting for that Big After Christmas Sales Day. Perhaps this year with the day after Christmas being on a Friday maybe there will be a repeat of  Black Friday or Boxer Day Sales.  I think a lot of people are waiting for this, as for myself it will be raining the next few days, and I plan to curl up with a good book. I was surprised to read on Sunday, that only 50% of those polled had finished their shopping and the rest were looking for last minute bargains online and in the stores.

Well we have almost finished our Christmas Shopping with just a few stocking stuffers left to get. My wife asked me for some stocking stuffer ideas, or small presents for me to put under the tree? I told her, Christmas is for fun things and I still like getting a few paperback books and a couple of DVDs. Everyone needs to get some small inexpensive and fun presents under the tree because it brings the Christmas spirit and kid out in all of us when we get something fun to read or play with.

I hope you all have a Happy Holiday

Merry Christmas


Joe Wocoski