Trick or Treat Watch Out for Kids on Halloween

Self Portrait

Self Portrait Minus My Glasses by Joe Wocoski

Tonight, I stepped outside into the crisp autumn air. In the southwest was a gorgeous half-moon floating in the midst of half of a crisp, cloudless sky. The other half of the sky was a jagged, wrinkled, ripple of dark purple clouds moving silently towards the northeast like slow undulating upside-down waves.

I came back inside and started reviewing the draft copy, which I finished late yesterday night of my “New Testament Word Search Fun! Book 4 Gospel of John”.  I am getting closer to copyrighting and publication. Just a few more days working on it, after supper, at night  should do it. Then I’ll posted it to Amazon sometime early next week, at least that’s the plan … knock on wood.

Well that’s it for tonight, please watch out for kids tomorrow night, it’s Halloween and the Trick or Treating kids will be out in force going door to door.


Joe Wocoski