Today the Pope visited Wash DC

Hi Everyone,

Live from DC, I took today off from work to see this: Well the once in a life time religious event has come to Washington DC, and everyone, whether your Catholic, Protestant or Buddhist those along the parade route are riding high on … Papal enthusiasm. I decided not to go down to the Mall to see the Pope, and chose to watch on TV. As I sit here in my living room watching the news coverage of the Pope’s Visit to Wash DC on the TV, I am waiting for the motorcade to pass by along with the other millions of other viewers.

I saw him and our President step out of the White House together, on to the White House Lawn where he gave a nice pleasant speech in broken English touching on the different things going on today, and asking us to focus on our world and not on ourselves, and to be kinder and more understanding of others. He even quoted Martin Luther King Jr.

While the newscasters and commentators wait like everyone else, we discover that the security in DC cost $4.5 Million dollars but Philadelphia is spending $12 Million. The hotels in the area are booked solid at %95 verses 81% for the last Presidential Inauguration. 25,000 people showed up on the White House Lawn, but Pennsylvania Avenue is packed 30 people deep along the entire motorcade route, and everyone there even the police line is just standing there sort of milling around being nice to each other, quietly and orderly behind the barricades. We also learn that 1,000 people are in St. Matthews Cathedral; from what I can see they are all seem to be wearing the Papal black with red sashes; and this includes the Pope’s 900 following entourage. We discover he loves to tango and was once a bouncer at a Buenos Aries Bar LoL the news casters chuckled,

They just said that when the President and the Pope went back inside for their private meeting, the President quipped “I see the Press Corps are behaving better than usual today.” LoL

Here comes the motorcade, it is now leaving the white house and is waving from the Jeep Popemobile as he goes down the avenue, the crowd is now cheering as he is standing up and slowly moving down the avenue, and wow he just kissed a baby. Now he is on his way again surrounded by the Swiss Guard. It is sweet to see him, even if we are not Catholic it is nice to see him give the thumbs up to the crowd, and ride around in his open air Popemobile. Just kissed another baby, looks like a little Hispanic girl gave him a gift. Someone just handed him flowers. Another baby to kiss and bless as he now slowly rolls along, their speed is beginning to pick up and as he comes to constitution avenue the cheering is getting louder. Now they are really moving at a good clip down the avenue.

Well that’s it for now his parade is over and he has arrived at St Matthew’s Cathedral.

Well that’s it for now!


Joe wocoski

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