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This Week’s Story is an Anti-War Story

This Week’s Story is an Anti-War Story

Hi Everyone,

Here is an anti-war story to make you think this week, during World War I both sides were losers to inhuman practices and were over come by silent screaming choking  …

This week’s Flash Fiction tale: A Senseless Struggle

death; the mist unexpectedly slithered down from atop the ridge with ever quickening, stretching, long tendrils into the valley. Wherever it appeared, life disappeared, engulfed beneath it.

The last two enemies with knife blades held high struggling against each other’s grasping hand on their wrist held high were dancing in this mist covered land.

Twisting turning spinning flailing. Both trying to shake loose the other’s grasp, all to no avail. Both battling, screaming hateful grunts in a twisting turning dance of death over mist filled fox holes, bomb craters, trenches.

Two megalithic beasts raging on locked in deadly knife held high combat, as the mist now swirls by their every step, trying to trip and make the other fall, to gain the advantage and slaughter their enemy. Oh, how this senseless struggle wages on by the last enemies left on this war-torn landscape of hate filled battlefield.

Dancing twisting turning. With knives held high, neither able to make the other die. Then turning twisting in knee-high mist, one mistake, a misstep and down into the mist they dive.

Now, all is quiet on this worldly field, the mist subsides, the top of a blade still held high appears. Next a glint of light off the blade itself, until the handle with hand still grasping it appears held high in the enemy’s grasp. Now both frozen in Rigor Mortis, as a stone cold monument to hatred, locked in death beneath this mist of mustard gas.

The end

Thank you for stopping in and reading this week’s tale, it will be in Book 3 of the Deadwood Chronicles: Devil’s Cauldron.  While you wait, please check out book 1 Last Master of Go and  book 2 Dead Man’s Shift in the Deadwood Chronicles series:


JB Wocoski

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