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This Week’s Story is a Timeless Tale

This Week’s Story is a Timeless Tale

Hi Everyone,

Forever Gone?
They say the best plans of mice and men often go awry. Here’s another tale of Mary O’Malley, Time Cop, who should be use to messing up by now …

This week’s Flash Fiction tale: Missing in Action

It was Half Past Midnight and Mary O’ Malley arrived standing in the center of a very large crop circle. The only problem was it wasn’t her’s. She rationalized a number of possible explanations for it. Even whether it was man-made or not. However, no matter how she analyzed the situation, she kept coming back to the same conclusion.

She was not alone on this future deserted planet Earth, but what really bothered her was that of the two hundred million square miles on this planet, the crop circle appeared where she was to arrive, she asked herself, “How did they know?”

Well she couldn’t let this unknown visitor disturb her thoughts anymore than he already had, so she put her plan into action, and here she was standing in the middle as bait.

For two nights, she waited and listened for the telltale saucer sound. Finally, She heard it, and ran like hell into the abandoned farm house and dove under the bed. Soon a brilliant piercing light filled the bedroom blinding her completely.

As a leathery hand slide closer and closer to her under the bed, She became more nervous that her time trap wouldn’t work. Suddenly, as she stared the time trap, the alien quickly aged ten thousand years. Then Mary gently tapped it’s wrist, and it crumbled out of existence. Relieved, She crawled out from under the bed, and suddenly, there was another brilliant flash, only this time they captured her.

The End

Thank you for stopping in and reading this week’s tale, it will be in Book 3 of the Deadwood Chronicles: Devil’s Cauldron.  While you wait, please check out book 1 Last Master of Go and  book 2 Dead Man’s Shift in the Deadwood Chronicles series:


JB Wocoski

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