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This Week’s Short Story is edgy to say the least

This Week’s Short Story is edgy to say the least

Hi Everyone,

Here is an edgy short story to entertain you this week, it is a cautionary tale of survival, we often feel as if we are on a precipice in work or life, so you really should watch where you step these days:

This week’s Flash Fiction tale: Three Sleeping Rattlers

Three rattlesnakes, all sleeping soundly, basking on a ledge, in the noon day sun. Oops! One woke up and slithered into the shade, when a rope came down from above, to gently tap it on the rattle. Oops! A second awoke with a start, when slapped by a rope landing on the back; angrily, it slithered into the shade beside the first. Oops! A third soon joined the other two in the shade, when the final rope flopped down, so rudely hitting it on the head.

“Revenge!” Each snake proclaimed rattling their tails, for their rude awakening in the heat of the noon day sun.

Soon, three men repelled down to the ledge of snakes. Each man landing a few feet from the deadly diamond backs. Unseen in the shade of the ledge, blending in all to well, they waited for the proper moment to inflict their deadly bite.

Unknowingly, the three men stepped towards the shade, only to be attacked by the three diamond backs. All together with mouths wide open and fangs bared. Together, springing out at the men. Startled, each man stepped, one step to many, backwards it does seem, for over the edge they fell, all too, soon dead.

Three rattlesnakes soundly sleeping, basking in the noon day sun, beneath three empty ropes hanging, uselessly, from a ledge above.

The End

Thank you for stopping in and reading this week’s tale, it will be in Book 3 of the Deadwood Chronicles: Devil’s Cauldron.  While you wait, please check out book 1 in the series: Last Master of Go and  Book 2 in the series:


JB Wocoski

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