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This Week’s Short Story is a humorous Monster Tale

This Week’s Short Story is a humorous Monster Tale

Hi Everyone,

Here is a humorous monster tale to entertain you this week, it is a silly tale of a mad scientist and his assistant still not getting their monster right. I hope you all enjoy it:

This week’s Flash Fiction tale: Doctor Sharkenstein

In Monstoria, Isore, the mad scientist’s loyal assistant burst into his lab screaming, “Doctor Sharkenstein! Doctor Sharkenstein! The monster has escaped, and is dive bombing the village. Oh, the shame and agony of it! What will we do?”

Crazy, old, mad, Sharkenstein with eyes a blaze, “Isore, how many times do I have to tell you: she is not a monster, she is just misunderstood!”

“But Master! The Sharkeon is, trying to terrorize everyone by swooping down on them and carrying off their children for snack time. We must stop Sharkeon! Our insurance doesn’t cover monster bites, or rabies shots!”

“Nonsense, Isore! I will do no such thing. All the villagers have ever done is laugh and scoff at my creations. They must be taught a lesson. You don’t make fun of a Sharkenstein! My greatest creation, Sharkeon, will teach them not to laugh at me.”

“But Master, they are laughing hysterically at us! Oh, the shame of it!”

“WHAT? WHY? WHY ISORE? What has gone wrong this time?”

Isore thought for a moment, “Well for starters, maybe we should have crossed that great white shark with something more vicious like a lion, instead of a pigeon. That way, except for the jaws, it wouldn’t be so small, cute and cuddly. Also the villagers are complaining that it’s making a mess of the mayor’s statue, and we have to clean it up, or else.”

Sharkenstein sadly groaned, “Another failure! All right, get the brooms from the pigeon coop.”

The end

Thank you for stopping in and reading this week’s tale, it will be in Book 3 of the Deadwood Chronicles: Devil’s Cauldron.  While you wait, please check out book 1 Last Master of Go and  book 2 Dead Man’s Shift in the Deadwood Chronicles series:


JB Wocoski

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