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This week’s short story – Under the Wolf Moon

This week’s short story – Under the Wolf Moon

 This Week’s Story: Under the Wolf Moon

Sometimes being afraid of is not such a bad idea, and with luck, we overcome our fear to return to face reality, as our hero does in this tale to accidentally live another day.

As the Wolf moon rose low over the horizon, Malcolm got back to camp after a long day of hunting. He panicked when he heard the wolf pack howling nearby. In blind fear, he tried running but repeatedly stumbled in the deep snow.

After a few minutes of attempting to escape through this frozen landscape, he was out of breath and out of luck. Still breathing hard, he closed both eyes and listened to the wolves. Knowing the wolves would soon be upon him, he muttered, “Come on! I know you’re there! Just get it over with, I’m easy prey for all of you!”

With eyes closed, he waited and listened for the wolves attack. However, it never came. Peeking through half-frozen eyelids he looked back to see how close the pack was to tear him to shreds, he discovered the wolves had not followed across the deep snow of the frozen landscape.

In fact, the pack was once again howling at their moon. Their howls were now further away in the opposite direction. Still out of breath, and talking to himself, “I don’t get it, they had me dead to rights and could have torn me to pieces. Why didn’t they?”

His breath finally returned as he headed back to the campsite. The embers of the campfire were almost out, the rifle and ammo remained untouched along with his tent and bedroll, but luckily the deer he had shot was gone.

The End


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