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This Weeks Deadwood Chronicle Story is about the Forest Prime Evil

This Weeks Deadwood Chronicle Story is about the Forest Prime Evil

The Forest Prime Evil

When I was in college, I had to write a paper on the US/Canadian Fishing treaty so I took the side of the fish. This week I have been watching Ken Burns series The Civil War, it made me think who or what really benefited from the battlefield slaughter? 

Trees filled every nook and cranny of this forested valley. Union and Confederate soldiers arrived in vast numbers to wage war between bark, branch and leaf.

The trees tried to warn the soldiers off by waving in the soft breeze, or dropping acorns upon their heads. Unable to knock sense into the soldiers that the love of life was far better than their hatred or wish of death in their hearts against each other, the trees weep sap.

All to no avail, the trees stood by unable to stop the bloodshed, or protect the men shooting behind their trunks. Both sides shot and killed the other as the trees stood by unable to shield any of them. Not even the surviving trees knew who fired first. Unable to take sides as the battle commenced beneath their long shapely branches. With every shot of musket or cannon, a tree was splintered and shattered down to the littered ground.

By days end, the invaders moved off the tree covered landscape leaving behind the littered remains of dying and decomposing bodies to feed the tree roots of this valley. Surely, the trees were grateful for the iron rich bloody liquids and decomposing remains of both North and South now nourishing their tree roots for years to come.

Still the forest mourned the loss of their innocent brothers. Yet this forest primeval was comforted knowing the lost trees would soon grow back stronger like no man planted in the ground could ever do.

The End

copyright 2017

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