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This Week has Come to Another End

This Week has Come to Another End

Hi Everyone,

Wow! This week really flew by fast. I am finishing up the draft of my “Old Testament Word Search Fun! Book 11: Book of Kings 1”.

This title is pretty close to the one I’ll be using when I publish it. Still trying to decide on the cover? I am shooting to submit it by February 29th. Not sure if it will make it for February 29th, but I am pretty sure it will make my 30 day publishing deadline for the series. Please keep your fingers crossed and say a nice prayer and it will soon be here. In the meantime…

I posted another poem tonight, and earlier this week a new flash fiction story, I rather enjoy writing them, these are the drafts, which I leave up for about a week, then replace them. So if you missed some. You are in luck some friends asked me to publish them, so as soon as I get enough of them together for a book I plan to lengthen them and publish them in a short story anthology  on amazon: as a Kindle book, a paperback and in large print too. So if you enjoy these tales, please look for the finished short stories for Halloween 2016. Between now and then you will be hearing more about these short flash fiction stories, so I hope you do enjoy them.


Joe Wocoski

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