This Week Flew by Fast and Friday Finally Arrived

Can you find the 3 butterflies?

Click here to try and find the 3 butterflies in this photo

This summer is going by far too fast, take a moment to smell the flowers, just like the 3 butterflies in this photo.

I still have a lot more to do on my next “Old Testament Word Search Fun!” book in the series. In June I finished my 8 book New Testament Word Search Fun series. On the other hand, as I have mentioned in my earlier posts: my Old Testament series will take at least another year, if not more. So in the meantime, I am continuing to shoot for releasing the next book at the end of this August. So in order to finish it, I am scheduling a few more minutes to work on it, at night, when I’m not working my full time day job.

Well this is the end of this week for me, it went by far too quickly; I hope all of you had a good work week and have a nice weekend planned. As the old fishing saying goes “the best day at work is not as good as the worst day fishing.”

Have a nice weekend.


Joe Wocoski