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This Time A Halloween Ghost Story Weekly Entry

This Time A Halloween Ghost Story Weekly Entry

Hi Everyone,

This week I wrote a humorous Halloween Ghost story from the ghost’s perspective, if you like it then on Wednesday please follow this link to vote for my story on  Thank you    Joe Wocoski

This week’s Flash Fiction tale: Ghosts of Gravestone Castle

The ghosts of Gravestone Castle watched as the tour guide pointed at a sword exhibit, “And with this sword, Bruce the Brave single handedly bore down upon his enemies, charging straight through the front ranks, at full gallop with sword held high …”

Bruce’s ghost moaned, “Not that again, just once I wish he would tell the truth!”

Lady Gravestone’s ghost chuckled, “Please Bruce, not that again! Do you really want him to tell everyone about your cowardice, and how you accidentally charged the wrong way into battle?”

Perturbed, he looked askance at her, I hate the part where he says, “Showing no mercy, he swung it low striking into the enemy masses, chopping off head after head.”

“Yes dear, it is a bit monotonous. I forget, how many did you really kill?”

“You know, not any of them: all the praise should go to my brave steed for trampling them to death … even though he was panicking and I lost control of him.”

The tour guide continued on, “Then without warning, his brave steed collapsed, pierced through the heart, and Bruce the Brave was disemboweled, dismembered and beheaded.”

Shouting at the tour guide, “That’s not what happened, you liar! Just look in my sepulchre! I’ve got all my body parts.”

“Yes dear, we all know, your horse tripped in a hedgehog hole and collapsed crushing you, and they brought you back in one piece. Just wait until he dies, you’ll have the rest of eternity to straighten him out.”

The End

Please remember, Wednesday  follow this link to vote for my story on  Thank You

Thank you for stopping in and reading this week’s tale, it will be in Book 3 of the Deadwood Chronicles: Devil’s Cauldron.  While you wait, please check out book 1 Last Master of Go and  book 2 Dead Man’s Shift in the Deadwood Chronicles series:


JB Wocoski

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