There’s Something Old and Something New on My Site

Hi Everyone,

I don’t know if you noticed or not, but there is something new on my web site. Actually two something new. If you look at my Tabs you will now see two new tabs there. I thought you might all like a little bit of …entertainment, so I added a tab for my Poetry and a tab for the Flash Fiction stories I write. I plan on updating them once a week replacing each with a new poem or short story, please check them out and I hope you enjoy each weeks new poem or new story.

I am still working on the “Old Testament Word Search Book 9: Book of Samuel” also known as the First Book of Kings. I am trying to finish it for Thanksgiving. So we will soon know if I do or not; with 7 days left that is a tight schedule for mere  mortal man, especially with all the cleaning and cooking I am going to have to do for the Turkey Day LoL

Before I go, I would just like to thank whoever bought the complete set of five books of my “Large Print Shakespeare Sonnet Word Games Foolery” series. I’ll never know who you are, but I hope you really enjoy all them. Thank you.

That’s it for now, I have to get back to work on my next book.


Joe Wocoski