The Year is Half Over and a Simple Thank You

Hi Everyone,

Well the weekend has come and gone and with it the cool weather and the first half of 2015. I would like to thank all those who have bought my books this summer; I hope you enjoyed the Bible Word Search books in some cool places on vacation or at the beach or even at home. As for myself, this summer, I stayed home and continued writing and publishing the books after work, at night and on weekends. Yes, sometimes driving my wife crazy too; sorry Honey, I love you too.

I’m told by other authors that when you get good repeat sales in a series after the first book, you know you did something right because your readers enjoy the rest of the series as well. Tonight, I am pleased to tell you that I did some math today and so far 27% of my sales have been of the first book:  “Large Print New Testament Word Search Fun! Book 1 Gospel of Matthew” while 63% are of the rest of the 7 books in the Large Print New Testament Series. I feel good that  I started this large Print book series, for my friend, who convinced me to publish it and to offer a Large Print edition for her Mom, and now these books are enjoyed by everyone else who needs Large Print books or large easy to read books to help out in Bible Studies. If you would like to send me an e-mail telling me how much you, your family, friends or congregation like my books please do because I enjoy hearing from all of you. My email is

Thank you so very much and have a great day!


Joe Wocoski