The Week After Next is the Invasion of Turkeys!

Hi Everyone,

The week after next is this years Invasion of the Turkeys! Science has yet to explain this brave sacrifice by these noble birds, like all the lemmings diving into the pacific together, or geese migrating south, whales going to Baja, California for a podcast, or football fans migrating to giant oval bowls every Monday, Thursday and weekend. Yes! Millions of Turkeys bravely and willingly climb into …self-basting ovens to please all those who love eating Turkey, stuffing and cranberry sandwiches the day after with relatives who have not yet migrated back home again.

For some strange reason all the turkeys in America migrate to the ovens in our kitchens and stuff themselves with chestnuts, oysters, cranberries or our favorite secret bread stuffing recipe. Some Turkeys even celebrate by taking a dip in their backyard Deep Fryer Jacuzzi until they are crisp and finger licking good, just make sure it is far enough away from your home so as not to pose a fire safety hazard.

Ah such a noble end to such noble birds, all helping to feed the people of this nation. So please remember to donate your time and money or volunteer at your church’s Thanksgiving Soup Kitchen … It’s not only good for your soul, but helps the turkeys fulfill their life’s mission on the millions of dinner tables across America.

And let us not forget: where ever around the world that there are American’s serving our country, there are brave turkeys sacrificing themselves in beds of cranberries, mashed potatoes and gravy on their plates, and those Turkeys who make this brave sacrifice deserve the highest US Meat Thermometer Metal of Honor, a 180 Degree Salute to all of you Turkeys!


Joe Wocoski

This silly Turkey Tale is brought to you by Egghead Albumin Roe.