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The Perfect Snowed in Weekend for Word Search Games

The Perfect Snowed in Weekend for Word Search Games

Hi Everyone,

Yesterday at 2:30 PM I was looking out my window, and watch the snow beginning to fall and fill up my yard and the street we live on, I am thinking. Now it is Saturday Evening and 33 inches of snow has fallen and my cedar tree bowed to the storm, as you can see in the picture … That here on the East Coast is the Perfect Snowed in Weekend to just stay home with your family to Read a cute flash fiction short story, Watch an NFL Playoff Game Sunday (Patriots vs Panthers) or even to do a couple of Word Search puzzles to while away the time. The Weather Channel is predicting 20-30″ for this area and everything is closed down tight under a State of Emergency  caused by the Blizzard Snow Storm Jonah. So does this mean that we will we be swallowed by the snow, just like Jonah was swallowed by a Big Fish?

It is now 6:00 PM and everything is under 2 inches of pristine snow, sometimes falling gently and other time swiftly. No gusting winds so far, just a steady beat of small, crystal white snowflakes quickly streaming down. Around 4:00PM cars are having difficulty making it up the gently incline of the hill at the end of our street. I saw someone slide back down, and then a few minutes later someone slowly hike up past the entrance to the court I live on. I wonder if it was them?

17 inches of snow measured by my yardstick
17 inches at 9AM of snow measured by my yardstick
8:30 AM and my world is covered in 17 inches of snow









It is 8:30 AM Saturday Morning and 17 inches of snow has fallen as you can see in the picture of my yardstick stuck in the snow in front of my front door. There is a chance for a power failure later today or when the wind picks up, but so far so good. Knock on wood if you can find one under all this snow. The snow clouds are so heavily laden with snow it is a gray almost shadowless day, I had turned my front light on to illuminate my yardstick or you would not have been able to read it.

7PM another 10 1/2 inches has fallen since my steps were last shoveled
My poor cedar tree finally gave up and bowed to the blizzard, fortunately it safely landed on my SUV




My good neighbors shoveled a path from my front steps to around my SUV this morning, then my cedar tree bowed and broke to the blizzard shortly after that. At 7 PM I did another snow depth check and another 10 1/2 inches fell, making it at least 33 inches of snow.

Snowed in CoverStay Tuned, and this weekend, I’ll keep updating this post as the snow gets deeper. Later on when the snow really gets deep, I’ll post a photo as the snow descends upon us and buries us beneath a mountain of snow LoL.

IBCNU for now … to be continued

Joe Wocoski

This post is sponsored by my book “Snowed in by a Warm Fire


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