The Imitation Game Movie and My Cryptogram Book Series

The Enigma Man

Coming Nov 28th 2014 to the movies

I just found another movie I plan to see this holiday season, I get a 2 for 1: One of my favorite actors and Cryptograms! On November 28th, I look forward to going to “The Imitation Game” starring one of my favorite actors, Benedict Cummerbund. Ever since I was a kid, I have always had a fascination with cryptograms, I used to do the one in our Sunday Paper, but I always found them to be too short. In fact, my first word search book series was on Cryptograms, and fortunately, I recently, I revised the series  with new covers. “Shakespeare Sonnet Word Game Foolery” this 5 book series contains Word Searches, Scrambles, Da Vinci Codes and Cryptograms based on Shakespeare’s Sonnets.

Have fun decoding them too

Book 1 of my Cryptogram Series



My five book series challenges and expands your mind to look at words in a whole different way. Here is a sample cover from the first book in my Cryptogram series.