The 4th of July Hurricane Arthur and Deer

I hope you all had a nice 4th of July and were able to do a picnic or barbecue with your family, as we did this year, without fear of Hurricane Arthur. The weather here in northern Maryland turned gorgeous after a day of thunderstorms and rain on Thursday as Hurricane Arthur did not really touch here. However,we did get an awful lot of residual rain as it passed us by out to sea, only to come back on to New England.

Looking on line, I read and saw the pictures of the flooding it seems “Hurricane Arthur made it all the way up coast to southeast Canada with heavy rain and strong winds, leaving 250,000 homes and businesses without power, as the storm swept away from New England.” For a storm that wasn’t supposed to cause much damage, there sure seemed to have been an awful lot of flooding north and south of us.
In any event, it has been a nice cool weekend for us to enjoy here; yesterday, during an evening walk on the walking trail, I came upon two deer enjoying the clover in the backyard of one of my neighbors. I quietly observed this pastoral scene, and thought how fortunate we are (see video).

Joe Wocoski