Why Not Let Shakespeare Entertain You?

Without looking it up, name me just one quote that you remember from even one book by any author, other than a book title. Then think of Shakespeare, and his quotes role off our tongues, as they were meant to do. His quotes have become a part of our language and our very souls. He was the playwright of his times. He enriched our lives with literally hundreds of quotes in his plays. Right off the top of my head, Shakespeare’s most famous line comes to mind, “All the World’s a stage and we are mere actors upon it.” OK, so I didn’t get it perfectly right, but you know what I mean.

You may know the titles of your favorite author’s novels, but with Shakespeare you know his words for sure. We use his words everyday without realizing it. There is a world of difference between Shakespeare, and any other author who has ever lived. Shakespeare never wrote a novel, his plays were meant to be spoken with meaning and performed Live.

So Why Not Let the Bard entertain you, today?

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Valentine’s Day has arrived share it with the one you love

Hi Everyone,

Valentine’s Day has arrived please share it with the one you love, we don’t get that many times in our lives to say “I love You” in a romantic way. So for Valentine’s Day I have posted 3 love sonnets on my poetry page.  I hope you enjoy and share them with the one you love. They are from my short poetry chapbook “Large Print Our Seasons of Ardent love: Special Illustrated Edition.”

20151213 illustrated OSofAL BookCoverPreview

I wrote this book of sonnets for my wife and hope to share it with you.

Happy Valentine’s Day


Joe Wocoski