Seeing is Believing! Now on How To Video!

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I had a real busy weekend, sorry if I didn’t answer any emails this weekend, my e-mail server was down. So instead, I worked on creating three book videos: 2 Tutorials and a Big Burp Promo video; I am pretty able with stuff like this. I really wanted the video tutorials so you could quickly easily see for yourself how easy it is to… Continue reading


Secret of Shakespeare’s Sonnets now on YouTube

Hi Everyone!

Isn’t everyone confused by what Shakespeare’s Sonnets really mean? Doesn’t Everyone love the mystery of his words? In this video you learn how to quickly and easily have fun digging into the word secrets of the Bard and decrypt the secret messages in my book “Shakespeare Sonnet Word Games First Foolery” by Joe Wocoski. There are five books in the series for you to have fun decoding. All are readily available on for you to start having fun with. I hope you enjoy this tutorial and have as much fun when you pick up a copy and start decrypting the Bard’s word secrets. Thank you – IBCNU Joe Wocoski


A Simple Surprise to Share with You

Hi Everyone,

Today, I added to my Freebie page 4 new sample packages for my “Shakespeare Sonnet Word Search Games Foolery” book series, so you can try my Sonnet word searches, scrambles, number fumbles, Da Vinci codes and cryptograms. So if you know someone who likes scrabble, word scrambles and or cryptograms please tweet them and tell them.

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Joe Wocoski



The Imitation Game Movie and My Cryptogram Book Series

The Enigma Man

Coming Nov 28th 2014 to the movies

I just found another movie I plan to see this holiday season, I get a 2 for 1: One of my favorite actors and Cryptograms! On November 28th, I look forward to going to “The Imitation Game” starring one of my favorite actors, Benedict Cummerbund. Ever since I was a kid, I have always had a fascination with cryptograms, I used to do the one in our Sunday Paper, but I always found them to be too short. In fact, my first word search book series was on Cryptograms, and fortunately, I recently, I revised the series  with new covers. “Shakespeare Sonnet Word Game Foolery” this 5 book series contains Word Searches, Scrambles, Da Vinci Codes and Cryptograms based on Shakespeare’s Sonnets.

Have fun decoding them too

Book 1 of my Cryptogram Series



My five book series challenges and expands your mind to look at words in a whole different way. Here is a sample cover from the first book in my Cryptogram series.