Happy New Year My 2014 Year End Review

Hi Everyone,

Thank you so very much for visiting my site this year. I did not realize how productive I have been in 2014, until just now; I have achieved quite a few milestones, thank you so very much:

May 1st, published the first book in my “Old Testament Word Search Fun!” Series, since then I have published 3 books in the 20 book series, in both paperback and large print editions, I think it will take me about 2 years to finish the Old Testament series. Thank you for your purchases in this series. Surprisingly, my most popular Freebie .pdf download is the 5 page sample of Book 3 Exodus.

May 19th, published the first book in my “New Testament Word Search Fun!” Series, since then I have published 5 books in the 8 book series, in both paperback and large print editions. Thank you very much for making this is my most popular series to date; I plan to release the final 3 books in the series during 2015.

May 30th, launched my blog with my first post “Welcome to my world”, and I haven’t looked back. I have had well over 2150 visitors my site this year and over 700 repeat visitors enjoying my blog, my web pages, my books and downloading my free samples. Thank you for visiting; I hope you continue to enjoy my site in 2015.

Sept 10th 2014, published “The Big Burp Theory of the Universe” since then I have published it as large print, kindle and Dec 1st as a 9 minute Audiobook available on amazon, audible, and iTunes. Since I posted my very popular free 1 minute sample of the Big Burp, 168 samples down loaded to date, thank you very much.

Dec 16th, completed and published my 5th and final book in “Shakespeare Sonnet Word Game Foolery” series; as a celebration, I updated the covers with a picture’s of Shakespeare’s eyes on the front cover and his image on the back, since then sales have significantly improved; thank you very much.

Dec 19th, posted my 1st post podcast “A Pleasant Christmas Surprise for Seekers of Christmas Lights” highlighting a poem from one of my chap books. In 2015, I’ll be posting more readings of my posts and poems at least 1 a month; also in 2015 I’ll be issuing large print editions of my poetry chapbooks, and for next Christmas a Poetry Bundle.

I plan to focus 2015-16 on finishing up my “New Testament Word Search Fun!” and publishing more books in my “Old Testament Word Search Fun!” series. Then possibly do some serious writing. I have a few ideas for some short stories and novels, but I don’t know if anything will come of them, but I will at least try.

Thank you all so very much, for making my site and books a success.

IBCNU Next Year, in January 2015 with all new posts.

Happy New Year

Joe Wocoski


Coming Soon! Just Not Sure How Soon?

Hi Everyone,

Today I thought, I would share a bit of good new. I just got an e-mail from ACX, and …

Coming Soon Joe Wocoski Audiobook

Coming Soon in Audio

ACX has agreed to publish my Audiobook “The Big Burp Theory of the Universe”. That’s right in a few weeks you will be able to buy my book in 4 different formats: paperback, large print, kindle and soon as an Audiobook.

I self narrated it and had lots of fun doing it too. It’s about 8 to 10 minutes long. Has all the noises we used to make in it as I used to read it to my daughter when she was a little girl of 5. I still remember both of us laughing out loud over it. So in the next few weeks, if you’re looking for a fun kid’s book to listen to with your kids at bedtime or in the car, start looking for it in the Audiobook sections of Amazon, Audible and iTunes.

As soon as it is out I will link a page to it.

That’s it for today, hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving.