2 Free Bible Word Search Book Catalogs to chose from

TWO Great Series to chose from: to help you organize and make your book selections and purchases easier on amazon.com Now you can chose between the Catholic Bible Catalogue or the King James Catalogue. Just click on the Catalogue image you want to download. Yes they are both free, and both filled with all the Bible books in both New Testament series and you get to select from 17 of the 24 books in the Old Testament or series published so far.

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It’s Back To School Time Soon!

Hi Everyone!

Soon your Teens will be Back To School, here are a few of my books, which might help them learn in a fun way about the US Constitution or Shakespeare Sonnets in High School:

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Joe Wocoski


This weeks Flash Fiction Tale

Modern Science Fiction and Fantasy Short Stories Book 1

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Hi Everyone, here is this week’s Flash Fiction Tale, and, it will be appearing in book 2 of my short stories. This week’s story is called: Dude! It’s Wild Life

Along with the birds in the treetops around him, he was the first to see the morning sunrise, and the last to see the sunset. Everyday, he saw breathtaking views of the Serengeti plains surrounding him. All he wanted were the sweet succulent leaves atop the nearest tree.
Late in the afternoon, he spot the poachers, knowing full well, they were here for the elephant and rhino horns, and not … (click here to read the rest of the rest of the story)


Facebook Results from my Amazon Giveaway Promotion

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Hi Everyone, I would like to thank all those who showed interest in my Amazon Giveaway that ended on March 16th, on Facebook 4,068 People were Reached with 768 Reactions: likes, Comments & Shares were all nice positive reactions. Amen

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