St. Patrick’s Day is Coming and so is my New Book

Hi Everyone,

Well St. Patrick’s Day is coming and so is My New Book

I have to admit it that even though I had red hair when I was younger, like the rest of the red heads on this Earth, I can claim to be Irish Just One Day of the Year. So for St. Patrick’s Day and that little bit of Irish in All of You, here is a link to the most awesome, Celtic Music site there is. I have listened to Marc’s music podcast pretty much since his first few postings, and I really enjoy the wide variety of music on Marc’s site as I work on my books. Most of it is very uplifting, no matter what the genre is. The site is Marc Gunn’s Irish & Celtic Podcast and for all those with iPhones, iPads or iPods it is available on iTunes.

Now Before I forget, there’s about 4 days left to my next Bible book release, the “Large Print Old Testament Word Search Fun! Book 5: Book of Numbers” that should put it pretty close to St. Patrick’s Day, or just after it.

Well that’s about it for today here is today’s Postcast:


Joe Wocoski