Remember Only Mad Dogs and Englishmen Go Out in the Noon Day Sun!

4th of July on the Mall

4th of July on the Mall

Hi Everyone, this month, summer is definitely arrived and along with it came the 4th of July with all the fireworks and the sweltering hot weather bringing on the sudden afternoon and evening rain storms. The rain didn’t dispel the heat instead it just made it sweltering hot. One day this week it was 99 degrees and humidity was 72%. I barbecued just some burgers and sausages outside, and after a few minutes was soaked through with sweat.

Earlier this month, out with the really old and in with the new couch. Yes, we finally bought a new couch, and sadly watched the Town Recycling bulk truck crush it and mash it and stuff it in with the rest of the bulk junk before hauling it off (you can read about it in my earlier post).

In case you missed it, for everyone who have kindle Fires or more recent with touch screens or tablets & iPads, etc. I decided to continue the sale through August, of my $0.99 kindle e-books; that is a 66% Savings from the regular kindle e-book price of $2.99, and an 85% Savings when compared to the print version price of $6.98.

That’s about it for July, may you have a nice August, and please do use plenty of sun screen and drink plenty of water. And remember as in the Noel Coward play — “Only mad dogs and English men go out in the noon day sun.”


Joe Wocoski