Quick-Hitting Snow Slows Travel Pittsburgh to Philly

Hi Everyone,

Well today we had our first real winter snow storm. It was a quick hitting storm paralyzing travel  from Pittsburgh to Washington DC early this morning and stopped the traffic dead right from the start around the Washington DC beltway. We were supposed to get 1 inch but we got 3 inches of snow instead and a beltway of accidents and blocked roads with cars sliding off them. I was supposed to head out to a meeting today, but the icy conditions had traffic at a stand still all morning, and I ended up home all day. One car could not make it up the hill by where we live and the driver left it out front for about 3 hours before the plow came by, then he was able to get home safely on the salted road. It seems the only ones to really enjoy the snow today were the Panda bears at the Washington National Zoo I think this must a moment of Bao Bao Panda Zen or maybe Panda nirvana, they do seem to love the snow, just like all the kids like playing in it LoL:>)

And with that thought, I hope you all had a nice safe but snowy day.



This post was brought to you by my book “Snowed in by a Warm Fire