On the First Football Game of the Season

Hi Everyone,

Last night we watched the first NFL football game of the season, the Steelers against the Patriots. There was an amusing electronic wardrobe  malfunction in the first quarter of the game with the Steelers getting the Pat’s radio broadcast over their headsets, the officials acted quickly to shut off both teams headsets, and once the headsets were turned back on they both worked fine. Both teams played exceptionally well in the rain, which played a key factor especially in the second half of game. The final score was 21/28 New England. Yep, the Patriots won and …being from New England, both my son-in law and I really enjoyed the action in the game. Early on Pittsburg missed a few key scoring opportunities, but had two real nice touchdowns. The Gronk made 3 key touchdowns and saved the ball after a fumble on the one yard line. Then there was a key interception by the Patriots in the last few minutes of the game which ate up the clock and assured them the win. I have to give Pittsburg a lot of credit during the game because they kept the pressure on New England right up to final seconds of the clock as the heavy Foxborough rains really worked against them.

Before I forget, just to let you know, my next book, Judges, in the Old Testament Word Search Series is totally formatted and the word searches are almost complete in the first draft, so I am getting closer to publishing it this month.


Joe Wocoski

P. S. I bet Joshua made more noise at Jericho when he brought down the city walls, then the fans made at Foxborough last night.