On St. Patrick’s Day, Lent, Easter Sunday, Bunnies & Eggs

Hi Everyone,

St. Patrick’s Day nears as does my next Bible book release: “Large Print Old Testament Word Search Fun! Book 5: Book of Numbers”

Well the 3rd week of March has arrived and Easter is just 20 days away. Even with Lent almost half over, I am sticking to my resolution to lose some weight. The Easter Candy, Cards and Gifts still seem to be everywhere in the stores, but now showing up on sale. So instead of a chocolate Santa Claus it is now chocolate Easter Bunnies and Easter Eggs. Everyone likes candy from the Easter Bunny, especially the kids and me. However, we do need to remember what Lent and Easter are all about: Jesus Christ’s Crucifixion and his Resurrection, as told in the Stations of the Cross.

Well that is about it for today.


Joe Wocoski