On Honey Do lists and Book Releases

It was a beautifully quiet weekend with nice weather, so I mostly worked on the Honey Do list for my lovely wife, and also had a chance to work on my books early in the mornings. As I wake up early most days, this weekend was no exception, just as today is no exception. Waking up early gives me a chance to work on a couple of extra things towards publishing my next book, it is something I can quietly do while the rest of my world sleeps.

Which reminds me: early on Saturday, even though it is dated the 14th, I actually released for sale the “Large Print New Testament Word Search Fun! Book 2: Gospel of Mark”. So you may ask why is it dated the 14th? Well the publishing date is automatically generated when you select the ISBN number on CreateSpace.com and not the day you actually release the book to Amazon.

May this week be a nice week for all of us!


Joe Wocoski