On Grassroots, Free Flyers and Bilbo Baggins

Hi Everyone,

Someone asked me how do I market my books? I answered grassroots one person and one church at a time asking them to tell their family, friends and congregations on facebook, instagram, twitter or to post a flyer.

Anyway, last year, between June and October, I visited 72 local churches and almost every last one of them posted my flyer. You can see the flyer I distributed to them on this blog page, This Free Church Flyer is for you to download and post in your church.

About two months ago, I started to send out nicely addressed emails to different churches because there are just to many to drive to. I thank all of you for your emails of encouragement, here is one of the nice e-mail responses of encouragement I have received just this week from a pastor, who had just found out about my books, I thank you very much:

 “Dear Joe

 Thank you so much for contacting us. We will check out your site and be praying for your ministry.  What a tremendous gift God has given you to write, it is a great legacy that will draw many to Christ. 

 God Bless you!”

In the US there are more or less 322,000 Christian churches. So almost every night, I try to send out 20 e-mails to churches in different states.  At that rate it will take me about 47 years or so to finish and by then I’ll be 111 like Bilbo Baggins LoL.

I thank you all and God Bless!


Joe Wocoski