On Good Friday! Understanding the Past Helps Us to Prevent Repeating It.

Hi Everyone,

Well now Good Friday has arrived this year, so let’s all take a moment to really think about Christ’s suffering on the cross and what it triggered for the Roman Empire. I am not a holy roller, just a common man, who is trying to make ends meet and to understand this world through my search for words. Understanding the Past Helps to Prevent Repeating It.

Here are some words to think about on this Day of Reflection: Christ’s teachings and this death on the cross made, more than anything else possible, our modern world. Why? Because, his death triggered a historic and epic chain reaction to the way people thought back then. It opened and freed the minds of all who heard his story, to the realities of their own suffering and the deaths of their friends and relatives at the hands of the cruel and heartless Roman Caesars, Senators and Soldiers.

His death gave all a way out of the violence and a way to hope in the possibility of freedom from Roman oppression for their families and children, even if it meant their death in doing so. His most horrible and unjust death triggered the greatest mass conversion of people away from the chaotic plethora and pantheon of human sacrificial religious beliefs of the Roman Empire. It totally undermined the violent rule and behavior of a world ruled by petty dictators and senators who believed in not just sacrificial offerings but human sacrifices to their Gods, where gladiatorial contests were actually considered human sacrificial rites.

Power corrupted the Romans, and other rulers absolutely; then as now. The Roman Emperors thought of themselves as noble, but more importantly invincible. They were not noble and it took the story of one man to bring them down. They ruled a world of city states by fear, violence, slavery, oppression and crucifixion, which reached it apex with the story of the death of Jesus on the cross. The Roman Empire began to crumble as everyone realized how horrible it truly was. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and it did not fall in a day … it only took a couple of hundred of years.

Christianity, calls not just for your acceptance and respect of everyone else, but to help them out of their misery. Read the story of the good samaritan and learn the beatitudes and the sermon on the mount. It does not mandate the death of anyone, but asks you to forgive and help all instead. It does not discriminate between believers and nonbelievers, nor threatens you or your family if you are not christian or leave the religion. It is a peace movement … a way to bring sanity to the world, to help you save and share this world in peace.