On Barbeques, Kindle Bible Word Search Books and a Kindle Big Burp Surprise

Hi everyone, not many nice days left to have a picnic or Barbeque. This last weekend we had a real nice barbeque with our neighbors with all the fixings. There is nothing like spending some time with the family, which is what I did.

For all of you who have Kindles! A Special Announcement!

I did a lot of work on my books and have a surprise for Kindle owners, please check out my New Books in the Amazon Kindle Book Store. You Now have a Kindle version to do my Bible Word Search Books using the Highlight feature.


New Testament Word Search Fun Book 1: Gospel of Matthew

Old Testament Word Search Fun! Book of Genesis Chapters 1 to 27

and for kids my 28 page illustrated kindle book… The Big Burp Theory of the Universe!


I will soon be adding a Kindle Books tab to my Books page with my first 3 Kindle Books.

Thank you for visiting me.


Joe Wocoski