On Barbecues and very Welcome Gifts

Hi Everyone,

So far this week, the warm, wet and lazy summer days are upon us with some nice weather. Even though it rained a day or two, last week, we were still able to barbecue and have a nice time outdoors; I hope it’s just as nice a week for all of you, too.

A special thank you note to a very nice person in Hampton, Georgia. Thank you very much, for the nice review on amazon. I am very pleased your friend, really liked your gift of the “New Testament Word Search Fun! Book 2: Gospel of Mark”.

This reminded me that I started writing my Bible Word Search books because a friend asked me to write a Bible word search book for her mother. At that time, I never dreamed of how many books it would turn into, or how much pleasure they are bringing to everyone, so I am very pleased whenever I hear my books are very welcome gifts.

Thank you so very much.

Joe Wocoski