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October Trick or Treat beyond Candy

October Trick or Treat beyond Candy

LP NTWSFun Book_8 Front CoverSoon the end of October will be upon us, and it is a time for remembering the dead, including saints, martyrs, and all the faithfully departed believers, Halloween that is. As the days shorten and darkness abounds, we use humor and ridicule to reassure us and to confront the power of death. I guess this explains all the M&M and Peanut Butter Cup commercials we are now being bombarded with on cable. I actually watched a program the other day that had more commercials than program air time, so I opted to watch some sci-fi on DVD. It seems that modern entertainment focuses on scary horror tales and movies about Demons and Zombies and axe murderers and serial killers, etc. etc. etc …. So for our times, perhaps because of this the Book of Revelation by John seems to fit right in better with modern Halloween movies and entertainment and books than any other book in the Bible. Also with Halloween candy filling the stores for the last month tempting parents to fill their cupboards with chocolate Ghosts and other sweet treats to wire up the kids and give adults and seniors diabetic comas, perhaps, it is better to consider something less sweet to help those who can’t have candy to survive this time of year, like a good book to have meaningful fun with and to definitely last longer than a bag of candy.

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Happy Halloween

Joe Wocoski

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