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Now Available “The Last Master of Go”

Now Available “The Last Master of Go”

Last Master of Go on Amazon and elswhere
NOW Available on Amazon and Soon Elsewhere

Hi Everyone,

I finished and published my first Sci-fi & Fantasy Short Story Book: “The Last Master of Go and other Strange Tales” and it is now also available in Large Print and on Kindle under my pen name JB Wocoski.

Look Inside Today to Discover how a never ending game of Go, a Lunar Eclipse and an Earthquake all come together in Little Tokyo in a mind bending short story called The Last Master of Go, which won the 2016 Imagine Little Tokyo Short Story Competition. The other short stories run the gamut of alien abductions and alien invasions to post apocalyptic stories and even some time travel stories. Oh, and even at least one werewolf story and a couple of Zombie survival tales. Think of these stories as enjoyable reading hors d’oeuvres and appetizers to be savored and reread whenever you have a few minutes to take a break away from reality.

Thank You very much,


Joe Wocoski

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