Now Available on Amazon: large Print Old Testament Word Search Fun! Book 13 Chronicles

Hi Everyone,

OT13 LP Chronicles 1 CoverNow on Amazon, you can get the latest in the King James Bible “Large Print Old Testament Word Search Fun! Book 13: Book of Chronicles I” It is the latest Large Print Old Testament Word Search Books Series  joining the first 12 books in the series. Have More Meaningful Bible Word Search Fun! Discover … the answers to these questions and more:

Who were the 12 tribes of Israel?

How did King Saul die?

Why did David plan a New Temple?

Why did Solomon build the Temple?

How did Solomon reign as king?

It’s time to help spread the good word, and share the Bible in a whole new meaningful and fun way with your family, friends, and congregation!

Thank you and God Bless!

Joe Wocoski