A March Poem

March winds sway the love our hearts have found,

Just as the four winds sway the barren tree branches.

Invisible winds push us along the new spring ground,

We do not feel these winds, for our love entrances.

The buds on the trees and bushes, begin to grow,

The air turns warmer, our love turns ever so fair.

Maple trees blossom into halos with a reddish glow.

Our love blossoms and grows, in this spring air.

Bulbs long dormant, asleep all through the winter,

Begin to break through the damp earth all around.

But our love kept us afire, and not cold as a cinder,

All through the winter into this spring we have found.

Our hearts beat to the new wind of divine melodies,

As our souls unite when we perform love’s harmonies.


copyright 2016 by Joe Wocoski

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