My New Year’s Resolutions

Hi Everyone,

Thank you very much for making my word search and game books a success in 2014. It is now 2015, and time for all of us to make our New Year’s Resolutions, whether we keep them or not LoL … only time will tell. I plan to keep my publishing resolutions.

In 2014, I got a little bit behind in my “Old Testament Word Search Fun!” series and I have about 19 more books to publish in this series. The Old Testament series will end up with about 24 books in all, which is three times longer than my New Testament series.

For 2015 my overall resolution is to publish 1 Bible word search book a month so to start the year, the first 2 books will be: Leviticus in January followed by Romans and Corinthians in February, please check out my Release page for my latest schedule.

This means, in 2015, I plan to complete and publish the final 3 books in my “New Testament Word Search Fun!” series, and the next 9 books in my “Old Testament Word Search Fun!” series; and then in 2016 to complete the remaining 10 books in the “Old Testament Word Search Fun!” series.

Right now, I seem to be on track to finish my “New Testament Word Search Book” Series by midyear because I have only three books left in this series.

That’s about it for now, may you have a Great New Year.


Joe Wocoski