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My New Book Site and Gaithersburg Book Festival Updates

My New Book Site and Gaithersburg Book Festival Updates

Hi Everyone,

I have two exciting pieces of news for you: First, I am setting up a book site to give you … direct access to my book series. I have started building the first site for my 60+  Bible Word Search Books This will make it easier for you to go directly to my various Bible Word Search books series at This new site is currently under construction, but you can go there to watch it grow. I will still be posting them here, But I thought they deserved a site of their own.

Second, The Gaithersburg Book Festival is this Saturday from 10AM to 6PM, my daughter is helping me with the decorations for the booth. She won’t tell me what she is doing for it, so it should be a nice surprise. I’ll take photos of my booth there and afterwards post  them on this page. I will have some copies on hand and I will be doing an author signing in my booth, so please bring your copy. If you can’t make it to the fair please click on a book image below to pick up a copy on Amazon:

Christian / King James Bible
Christian / King James Bible
C1 LP Book AD
Catholic Vulgate
Kid Fun
Sonnet Word Search Book by Joe Wocoski
Sonnet Word Search Fun
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