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My Latest Short Story is One in a Million

My Latest Short Story is One in a Million

This Weeks Story is called: One in a Million

It is said the best way to hide is in plain sight, however, you must remember to blend in with everyone else, as the escaped prisoner in this story quickly found out.

The shapeshifting prisoner number 128754, while trying to escape, killed the pilot and everyone else board the Transfalgamorkian prison transport. It crashed the transport on the nearest planet, earth. Crash landing in of all places a genetically modified field of identical sunflowers.

As prisoner 128754 made its way through the field, it realized that it could easily hide among the million or so sunflowers and it would never be found, and then it could make its escape.

All to soon a well-armed guard combat ship passed overhead hunting the shapeshifter. The only problem for Thrall the pilot was how to find the shapeshifter in this field of all identical sunflowers. It was literally like looking for a needle in a haystack only worse because the shapeshifter was now disguised as one of the million sunflower plants in the field.

As Thrall scanned the genetically identical plants in the field he worried that he would be unable to recapture the escaped prisoner. Then he spotted the fiend when the killer made a stupid mistake. Quickly, Thrall put his craft into a hyper-dive. He swooped down on the unsuspecting fiend and quickly netted the escaped prisoner.

The prisoner squirmed in the net until it gave up trying to escape again. Finally, it shapeshifted back into its natural Transfalgamorkian shape and angrily demanded, “How did you ever catch me so fast you scumbag guard?”

Thrall laughed at how easy it was to capture the escaped prisoner. Especially, when he remembered all sunflowers face the bright earth sun and the escaped prisoner was the only sunflower that turned away from it.

The End

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