Mother’s Day is once again upon Us!

Hi Everyone,

This Mother’s Day we are having another nice picnic with family and good friends. Hopefully. it won’t rain and the dogs will behave. Of course, the kids can run all over and a barbeque will be in order. Also a lot of running around picking up all the last minute things we forgot to get and now we suddenly need.

Good News! This week, I was able to reduce the retail prices of the “Old Testament Word Search Books” series for both large and regular paperbacks, and I was finally able to bring the prices in line with my New Testament Books for all of you who are doing Bible Studies on Genesis, or Exodus, or Leviticus or even Jacob. And lastly before I forget my next book in the Old Testament series is Book 6: Deuteronomy and it is getting closer to completion for your word search fun!

Thank you for visiting my blog, if you enjoy reading it or have fun with my books, please drop me a line on my contacts page, I enjoy hearing from you. Bye! Bye!


Joe Wocoski