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Merry Christmas One and All

Merry Christmas One and All

Merry Christmas to One and All,

I hope you have all finished your Christmas shopping, I am almost done with mine. It is difficult finding just the right gifts, so I am finishing mine up with some stocking stuffers, just like you might want to do with some of my books. Well, one or two more items and I will be done today.

I am pleased to say I am relaxing and enjoying my time with my family this holiday season, and I hope you are too. This last weekend, we all went to see the latest Star Wars movie, and I would just like to say I really enjoyed it and it was exceptionally good. It brought back fond memories of seeing the original movie series; and I think it was actually better in many ways. They did a wonderful job with the plot and story line; however, I will forever miss Hans Solo. The action and fight scenes were just right, and the lack of blood and gore was refreshing when compared to many of today’s other movies. This is an excellent morality tale choosing between good and evil for ages 10 and up especially teens and adults.

Merry Christmas,

Joe Wocoski

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