Merry Christmas! Help Bring Peace to all the Lands

Hi Everyone,

Merry Christmas, I thought with this being the first year of my blog, I would share with you a poem I wrote and published in my short poetry chapbook “Caught in the Eye of Everything” and on the web for all to share.

If only it were true, and could happen, where a single tear drop could be handed off from one person to another, every time it rained, then we would all look at the world differently. We would live in a much better world because we would all be touched by peace in every shower and every rain storm. To bad Global Warming does not just bring the rains, but peace as well with every rain drop falling on everyone and all lands. If only the rains could send this message by: e-mail, or facebook, or instagram, or twitter, or by … what ever else mankind invents to spread the word.

Imagine a world filled with peace instead of hatred … May some day there be True Peace on Earth and Goodwill to All … It only takes one person to start it all … you, please pass it on.


The Single Tear Drop of Peace

What if all the teardrops, of all the world, were added together for only one year?

Peace would spread near and far with every rainstorm everywhere.

We would have a river of peace, a pool of tranquility across all oceans.

All seashores would rest in silent prayer from those whose tears washed hatred away.

All death and destruction would vanish from here with each and every tear drop this day.

No more would we kill each other, no more would we hurt our brother.

No more would wars rain down upon us, instead, peace would reign across all lands.

To think it could start one day with, but a single tear drop of peace from your eye.


Help bring peace, please pass this poem on to friends and family, near and far.

Thank you and Merry Christmas

Joe Wocoski