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major changes coming your way

major changes coming your way

Hi Everyone,

I have reached that age where everything seems to be going on at the exact same moment, this week: First, I would like to thank Grace for the 5 STAR review on Amazon, I am very pleased that your mother really enjoys the series. Thank you so very much for leaving such a nice review.

Second, I am half way through book 12 my King James Bible “Old Testament Word Search Books” series and I am still planning to publish it at the end of the month on schedule.

Third, I would like to thank everyone who responded to my request for help and I am taking your kind advice about my new book series “Catholic Bible Word Search Fun Books” I will be using a pseudonym Joeb Wocoski so I can keep them separate from my New and Old Testament KJB word search books everyone seems to like.

Fourth, I will soon be spending more time on my Bible word search books and my Flash Fiction writing, because I decided to leave my day job and devote my full attention to my fans, thank you so very much for making this possible.


Joe Wocoski

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