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Life is Sometimes a Mad Scramble

Life is Sometimes a Mad Scramble

Hi Everyone,

I had an unexpected journey this last week from Wednesday to Today. I had to fly down to Florida on sudden family business. So I am sorry to say this little adventure has put me behind schedule on on my latest Old Testament Book Release. I am still trying for the end of the month and am hopeful I will finish, so we shall see.

This also delayed the release of my new “Catholic Bible Word Search Fun!” Series by at least a week. I took an email poll, and as a result, I will be publishing it under the “JoeB Wocoski” pseudonym and setting up a separate author page for this series. This will prevent confusing it with my current “King James Version (KJV) New Testament Word Search Fun! books.

Today, I took a short break and wrote another story for my short story collection for Halloween. You can see the rough draft version of this latest story on my Flash Fiction tab page. So far I have 60 pages of various lengths of flash fiction, I am trying to get 100-120 pages for my first short story collection.

Well that about wraps it up for today’s news, thank you for visiting today,



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